Sell To Make Money

What can I sell to make money?

Maybe your rent is overdue, your refrigerator has no food, or your car has no fuel. You are then facing a minor financial crisis. Whether sudden emergencies or budgeting issues have drawn your bank balance empty, you will need cash immediately. While you could cut down on your expenses, get a better paying job, or take on short term gigs, there is one faster way to generate extra income. There are probably many items in your house that you don’t use and that you can sell to make money. Here is a list of items that you can sell to generate the money required to get through your cash-flow crisis.


You cannot hope to generate a fortune by selling your old books, but you can make enough money to help you last until your next payday. There are many online sites that will purchase your used books and will give you quick money. It also helps you get some extra space on your shelves.


Remember that old couch that you forgot to throw out after you got the new one. That can be sold for money. Selling old furniture helps free space in your house and is one of the easiest ways to quickly make money. Furniture also tends to fetch much higher prices than books. There are many online sites where you can list your furniture for free. You could also sell to local buyers and save the delivery cost. If you have some antique or vintage, you could contact with specialty dealers to get a better price for your item.


A crowded closet is not only a treasure trove of your clothes but can also act as your emergency bank. There are many websites where you can list your old clothes, however, it will take you a while before you get a buyer. If you are in a rush, you can go to a nearby secondhand store and sell it to them. Still, you will most likely get only a small fraction of what the dress cost. However, if you have closets filled with designer labels, you might be able to get better returns.

Sports equipment

Your house probably has many unused sports kits that date back to your childhood or your kid’s childhood. There are many chains that will buy your old and unwanted sports gears for a good price. You could also list it in online websites to get a higher price, but be prepared to wait for some time before you are approached by a buyer.


Maybe your garage or driveway has a junk car that has just been occupying space. Maybe you haven’t used it in ages and you are just keeping it because it was your first car. You can sell this car to generate much-needed money. There are many auction sites and second-hand dealerships which will help you sell your car. Cars tend to fetch much more money than most items on this list, so it will go a long way towards pausing your financial crisis.


It is most likely that your jewel box has many items that you haven’t worn in ages and don’t plan to wear anytime soon. You can sell these unwanted necklaces, bracelets, rigs, and other jewelry to make cash. You should visit multiple jewel shops to see how much they are offering so that you can get the most out of the jewels. However, do not expect to sell your fine jewelry for anywhere close to the amount you paid for it, unless of course if the price of precious metals and jewels have skyrocketed.

Kids Toys

Children tend to outgrow toys very quickly. These usually means there is an ever growing pile of old toys. While you might be tempted to just throw these out in the trash, they can, in fact, be sold for money. A few companies will buy old toys that are in good condition. You might even be able to sell them to budget-conscious parents in your neighborhood. If all fails, the internet is, of course, a grand marketplace for you to list your toys.

Scrap Metal

Many people make a living out of selling scrap metal. While you might be fearful of getting tetanus by just touching your scrap metal, they can actually worth some bucks. If you have old aluminum cans, kitchen pans, appliances, metal furniture, and even construction materials for scrap. If you have old appliances with copper, they will be even more valuable.

Antique and Vintage items

Do you have heirlooms that were given to you by your grandmother or great uncle? While they might not seem to be anything more than junk to you, they can actually be worth a lot of money. There are many sites that will let you auction such antique and vintage items. You could also post your items online and get offers from buyers. While you might be able to make money quickly, it is best to wait for the right customer as you can get a much higher profit.

Old VHS Tapes

While everything is digital nowadays, the past does have some worth. A few old VHS tapes were sold only limited and these can go for quite a lot of money. However, do not expect your random song tapes to go for a lot of money as these were mass produced and marketed, so there is not a huge demand for them.

Gift Cards             

Gift cards to shops that you are never going to visit are just useless. Thankfully, there are many places that will purchase your gift cards. If you have e-gift cards, you will be able to sell them over the internet and get your money instantly. However, physical cards will need to be mailed and thus it will take much longer before you get your money.